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Infatuation – A poem

​This love won't last a day, And I know - But I can't but feel this way That I do - And I hope you'll look my way Your heart too - And enjoy the beauty that's Me and you... Continue Reading →

Prison – A Poem

​And we locked down in this prison Biting death in every season While we count our days too fast Merely thinking of the past. - Nature be the female warden That be chaining and be jailing Our aspirations in a... Continue Reading →

Reverie – A poem

​And we believe in reveries, We'll rebel round, Emotions high, Our thoughts will lift us Off the walls. - We'll fly and light the northern skies In kaduna, We'll blow like fans Across the towers of dubai. - Existing by... Continue Reading →

Will You Be Lost? – A Poem

​And will you be lost, In the smell of her hair In the curve of her nose By the curving of her mouth Where your heart doth dose?  - Or will you be lost, In the pimple on her chin... Continue Reading →

Ink Pains – A Poem

​Some words, they have our heart in them Some songs, they got our soul in shelves In wine, we find a lonely friend At night, see memories of us. - Still yet, we write and talk it all,  Ink, Pen... Continue Reading →

You Did Not Feel 

​You can't pain the pain I'm paining, If you didn't love with your whole And you can't feel the feel we felt If it didn't get to your bones.  - You will not know the gift of the past And... Continue Reading →

Night – A Poem

​Sister, the heat is too much Let us sleep on the floor, And let us feel and hear The sighs of our ancestors underneath - Mama, will you pray for our soul?  That this breath I breathe won't Leave and... Continue Reading →


But not unto us is it seen That we should love  And we should hurt.  Not unto us still,  That we should have found  That which now is lost.  But unto it is,  That we should love And we should... Continue Reading →

Picture Poetry – Introvert

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