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Amaka – A musical

​Amaka o Listen. to the words i'm Breathin' I never knew  That love would, carry me Kill me Amaka o Turn back, from Enugu I need you  I'm running round  I'm running mad You're running off From our love Amaka... Continue Reading →


Village Love 

​I go write for you  The poetry in my lips And I go dance for you  The dance of beating hearts I fit draw for you  The shape of my arms And yarn your ear The story of our two... Continue Reading →

Return from the Sun 

​The March back home is horrible. I keep seeing and feeling the eyea of the men I killed, staring, just staring. And it feels like they can read the guilt on my skin, I don't wear it well. The others... Continue Reading →

Untitled 095 

(on naija)  We tear our tongues  on native names  while smooth saliva  spell foreign ones. Epidi Oreoluwa Elaye 

Untitled draft 092

Yet here am I,  Clothed with history And breathing in the air Of you,  Of love,  Of moments filled with intense affection - But suddenly,  I sniff, I'm not getting enough air you see, It gets hard to breathe And... Continue Reading →

The book of love  Was said to be The Ink that spilled  From I to we  The page that paved The pain away The chapters,  Once, now history.  ore_lenny

Water boy

​ Canoe and boats Drift me away,  And the waves of sweet wind Float me back Mama is roasting fish And by such aromas Are my stomach folk Brought to waking reality - For when the Maroon sun  Kisses and... Continue Reading →

Love me

​Love me Love me, utterly, truly. Let us stain our souls with us and never wash it off. Let us wander aimlessly through our hearts, content to just be there, here, existing purely within our feelings.  I don't want you... Continue Reading →

Untitled poem 

​Do you cry in your sleep? Because I do And do you live in the past? Under its roof Do you laugh with pain?  Is your heart full?  Or do you think of me? As I, you.  Epidi Leonard 

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