​Scream my name from your lungs, darling 

As you run away, away

From the wilderness of my love, 

And wail, oh wail

Wail the encroaching branches of my treeheart away.

Raise your voice and your soul

Up high till the volume looms

Over the fog of disgust, indifference and aloof

Sweeping the floor of my brain

When I think of you. 

Scream, in utter pain and loss

And tears, as they tear their way down

Your freckled face, swelling

With your bosom

As you inhale, and let in, the sorrow

In your marrows, bone deep

While you exhale, and let creep

Away from your mind

The thoughts of you and me. Together in love. 

Scream and hear

The rejection in a bottle

I’m giving.. and swallow

Like prescription and good head

The never and ever

Picture of us, holding hands tomorrow. 
                              ©  Leonardo Epidi.