‚ÄčAfrican man march

The path of freedom, black feet him

And white man laugh, they sayin’

See him burn brain, the black fit him. 
Khaki man say

Go the Queen go, we love you no more

While yellow man say

I rule you from afar, from my kingdom. 
Them tella them, leave with us

The language and law,

That of your people dem

And sail with your body, not soul helm. 
Black man laugh and dance

When them white boats be leaving, 

Cos he not be knowing, deep down 

That he still be slave him, freedom one. 
So black man stupid be

The one to laugh first, him, 

But white man, be laughing last, 

For him still be master of them blackie mind. 
No need for chains, we all be slave still. 
All Freedom Slave, we. 


                                                .Leonard Epidi.