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    i the taye and kehinde of eye blink blind when they see you    ii and noses know no length like pinnochio  when they lie by your  side.    iii for skin pores moan in braille as they... Continue Reading →


but my love is a goat for mine heart she chews  like grass and all her stomachs tire not  of me. word she will not hear leave. she will come near and as her fingers  race across my bia bia ... Continue Reading →


is me and you  when we spend  money, time anyhow instead of saving some of that shit. and we can only laugh when like amala,  naira goes down  our throat death, our poor excuse and the lack of banks when... Continue Reading →

social media lova

one as you,  sexybabe21_ i  have not seen before. butterflies fly when  you tag me to  memes and when  you  like my posts my heart double taps.  online, you make me  lmao like lasisi  you craze me like dr high... Continue Reading →

superglue remix 

​remember  when  beat is what i used to beat  for you - sarz had nothing on this heart you remember  shey?  here is a remix to tell you  say the music of our love  never finish superglue. me and you.... Continue Reading →


i am the sound  of past busstops dripping  like saliva from the mouth of conductors  i am yellow and black like ibo, yooba and hausa skin that ride in my belly i am rusty, rattlying metal living with the tears... Continue Reading →


​ i am a little book of  sad words tucked  within life's lids bear please, when like tears,  i fall.  for my runes do not smile oft as most do and  soul  sighs some whence like pangs they come  so... Continue Reading →

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